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Adam & Jonelle Schmalshof

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At ATAK Limousin our goal is to raise high quality Purebred Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle that seedstock and commercial cattlemen can use to improve their cattle operations. 

We select our cattle using a blend of EPD references and phenotype standards to improve our foundation females.  A cow must be able to raise a strong, productive calf and be fertile enough to breed back easily to maintain consistent production.  Structural soundness, good rib and body shape, a calm disposition, and a good udder are qualities our cows must have to remain at ATAK Limousin.  To help with the chances of a timely pregnancy our cows are maintained on protein tubs, and Purina Wind & Rain minerals.  The cows graze pastures throughout the summer and fall, and stalk fields throught the winter.  During the winter cold and spring thaw we feed a diet based on forage feeds (grass hay, alfalfa/grass hay, straw, and corn stalk bales) that are ground and mixed with corn silage.
At ATAK we use an AI program on most of our cows, and we have started to use Emryo Transfer to make improvements in our herd and improvements in the cattle our customers purchase.  When making decisions on the ideal sire to use on our cows we have made a great effort to obtain the best AI sires that we can.  We look at Purebred Limousin, Lim-Flex, and Purebred Angus for the right sire that our cow needs to produce the best calf she can.  Along with the top AI sires we have made a great effort to obtain or raise the quality herd sires that maintain our standards.  

Over the last five years, when calving time comes, we have had to assist in less than 1% of the births on our farm.  Calving ease is something we are very aware of, and very proud of here at ATAK.  As the calf grows it is raised on a pelleted creep feed, Purina PreConditioning Receiving chow, and Purina Accuration.  Weaning usually comes around 150-180 days of age for our calves.  At this point they are on Accuration and we can decide how to proceed with our feeding program.  Replacement and show prospect heifers stay on the Accuration program while potential herd sire bulls go on Purina Impact Grower for 90 days only to go back to Accuration for help in finishing.  Along with these feeds these calves are also fed a mix of grass hay and silage during the winter months.  Animals that don’t meet our phenotype and EPD standards go to the feed floor where we finish them ourselves on a corn-protein based diet.  *WE WANT OUR COWS TO PRODUCE CALVES THAT ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR SEEDSTOCK, BUT IF THEY DON’T MEET THAT STANDARD THEY HAVE TO FEED AND FINISH OUT EFFICIENTLY FOR US AND OUR CUSTOMERS.


Committed to providing top quality Limousin cattle for both the commercial and seed stock cattleman - cattle that are good enough to show - but ultimately profitable in the pasture or feedlot.

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