Andy & Tammy Schmalshof
Adam & Jonelle Schmalshof

478 140th St   Avon, IL 61415

    Andy cell: 309-333-0029 Adam cell: 309-333-3044
ATAK Limousin is owned and operated by Andy and Tammy Schmalshof (pronounced small-sof) near the town of Avon in west central Illinois. Along with our two children, Karen, (29) and Adam (27), we have been raising cattle for over 31 years. Our Limousin herd began in the mid 1980’s with the purchase of a red horned bull to add muscle to our crossbred calves. Later came two red Limousin heifers-purchased from Leveldale Farms-for the kid’s 4-H projects. We now run a cow/calf herd of over 100 registered Limousin cows.
 The importance of family is symbolized by our name. Andy - Tammy – Adam - Karen became the acronym of ATAK Limousin. Karen painted it on Andy’s old show box from the early 70’s and off we went to our first cattle show. Today we are farming 1000 acres of cropland- corn, wheat, and soybeans. Adam is selling insurance and working into the farm and cattle operation. Karen is living near Peoria selling embroidery machines- yet she still manages to come home often and always jumps in to help.
 Over the years we have constantly strived to upgrade our base herd. Last fall we purchased the entire Leveldale herd expanding our foundation females with proven and successful genetics. We also had the unique opportunity to purchase a group of solid, structurally sound Registered Angus cow/calf pairs from Burns Angus Cattle enabling development of a Lim-Flex line. To keep on the front line with bull power, we have purchased semen packages from MAGS Savage, EF Smackdown, DVFC Sitting Bull, MAGS Twain and MAGS Trail Drive along with top AI sires such as EF Main Stay, EXLR Native and KRVN Picante. These investments in current genetics will ensure future progeny with exceptional performance and proven pedigrees.
 When we first became involved in raising Limousin cattle, we knew that our herd would likely improve. We also suspected that our family would continue to remain close by sharing the work, but what we didn’t expect was how the people we met – those we now call friends – would enrich our lives. The friends we have made in the Limousin business are truly remarkable people. We’re proud to be able to do our part toward improving the Limousin breed and honored to be in the company of others focused on a similar goal. We count ourselves blessed to know our Limousin friends and well be forever grateful for their friendship and continued support.
 We invite you to come and see the selection of herd sires and foundation females we have available on the farm. Check out our powerful set of 2008 spring calves sired by Smackdown, Native, Main Stay and Lim-Flex calves out of GAR Predestined, TC Total and Beckton’s Lancer. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Committed to providing top quality Limousin cattle for both the commercial and seed stock cattleman - cattle that are good enough to show - but ultimately profitable in the pasture or feedlot.

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